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Injection lipolysis, also known as intralipotherapy, is a non-surgical procedure for targeted fat reduction. Commonly referred to as fat dissolving injections, intralipotherapy is a form of mesotherapy and is a minimally invasive fat reduction option.






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Safe and effective Fat Dissolving

Fat dissolving injections are a safe, effective treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area. These injections treat small, exercise resistant, areas of fat around the body in places such as the chin, chest, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. It is not a treatment for weight loss, but is very effective for body contouring.

Our fat dissolvers are made up from a number of different plant based compounds that have been refined in a lab environment. They dissolve the membranes of fat cells in the treated area, and these cells become unstable and break open. The fatty acids contained within the cell are then carried away in the blood stream and eliminated by the liver.




Are fat dissolving injections suitable for me?

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are close to your ideal body weight, but have isolated stubborn areas of fat then injectable dissolving can be a great option.

Popular areas that we treat are double chins, ‘moobs', bra and underarm pouches, upper arms, saddle bags, inner thighs, 'cankles' and the abdomen - including defining a six pack.

If you have significant weight in the target area, then fat dissolving is not suitable for you, but other body contouring treatments we offer may still be suitable. If you have recently lost significant weight we also offer skin tightening treatments.

A consultation with our qualified aesthetician will help you decide the correct treatment plan.


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Fat dissolving is not suitable if you:

  • Have diabetes
  • Have liver or kidney disease
  • Have active skin problem in the area to be treated
  • Are taking blood thinning medicine e.g. warfarin





Areas we treat

  • Face - Chin, cheeks.
  • Body - Arms, legs, abdomen, back






PRICES Starting From

Face: £80 per session

Body: £100 per session

Most areas of the body can be treated in 2-5 sessions. However, some clients react differently to the product, this may mean that more or less treatments are required.

These prices do not include the consultation fee of £40, which must be conducted before treatment.




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