Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) Hydrochloride Injection


Pyridoxin HC1 Inj. 1mL x 50Amps/box

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Storage Preserve in well cosed containes (below 30 C), prolected from ight.
Packing Unit 1mL x 50Amps/box
Product for professional use only By deciding to purchase you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine

Product Description:

  • Pyridoxine HC1 Injection is effective for the treatment of Pyridoxine deficiency as seen in the following: Inadequate dietary intake. Drug-induced deficiency, as from isoniazid (INH) or oral contraceptives. Inborn errors of metabolism, e.g., vitamin B6 dependent convulsions or vitamin B6 responsive anemia.
  •  Therapeutic efect of vitamin B6 against the under situations have not been verified: acne and other skin diseases, alcoholic poisoning, asthma, renal calculus, psychosis, hemicrania, premenstrual tension, stimulating milk secretion, poor appetite. It is not suitable to use large dose of vitamin B6 to treat the diseases whose therapeuic efct has not been verified.
  • Vitamin B6 may afect the therapeutic efet of larodopa against Parkinson's disease, but could not afeet the therapeutic efct of carbidopa.

Product Specification:

  • Injectable: Form Liquid
  • Injection Site: Intravenous
  • Medicine Type: Finished Product
  • Shelf life: 3 years


  • 2-6g daily, last for months, may produce severe sensory neuropathy, progressive instability of gait to foot anesthesia, hand siff, these symptoms may be relieved after discontinuation, but may still feel weak.



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